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3 Easy Steps of How To Maximize Your Membership 

1. Post to Member News

2. Post to the Forum

3. Add an event to the Event Calendar

Watch the video below for the 3 Easy Step – If you want to change the screen to full screen mode, click on the button on the right hand side at the bottom of the video box. You can also pause and play the video at anytime, or increase the volume.


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Ronda Degaust

Ronda Degaust is a International NLP Trainer, Coach, Columnist and the author of How To Heal From Years of Criticism, Insults, Abuse & Rejection. She is the co-developer of the full NLP Practitioner Certification Online 120 hour program and the NLP Coaching Handbook. Her students and clients gain the benefits of NLP Training and Coaching from the comfort of their own home throughout the world via internet, skype and phone.

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