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Change Begins Choices

From Nobody to Somebody

There are many people in the world who have transformed their lives by taking a NLP Practitioner Certification Program or by having coaching with a well-trained NLP Practitioner.  Anthony (Tony) Robbins was born Anthony J. Mahavorick lived in a small low-rent apartment in the Los Angeles area during his early twenties until he was introduced to NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and trained with NLP co-founder John Grinder.  Life surely has not been the same for Tony since his training, I wonder how much a NLP Practitioner Certification Program can transform your life?

From Gas Station Attendant To Hollywood Icon

Did you know Client Eastwood, Hollywood icon well known for playing a rebel cop in Dirty Harry, use to dig swimming pools in Beverly Hills for a living. Prior to that he worked as a lumberjack, steel mill worker, aircraft factory worker and a gas station attendant.

The world is filled with many people with rags to richest stories. What sets them apart from those who struggle their whole life just trying to make ends meet?
There is no one answer to this question, but what I have learned from my many years coaching others using NLP and by  training NLP Practitioner Certifications and Master Practitioner Certifications, people are held back by their internal representations of how they view themselves, their negative beliefs and their lack of ability to communicate effectively with others. Although I have many stories, one of my favorite stories I wrote about in my blog was about a young man who struggled with major social anxiety in  NLP Coaching From Anxiety To Confidence I write about how Michael, his name changed to protect his identity, transformed his life with a 6 hour break-thru session with me over 2 afternoons. It’s heart wrenching what this boy went through for so many years and how NLP Coaching changed it all in only 2 – 3 hour sessions. Read about Michael’s NLP transformation here.

We All Have A Story

Majority, if not all, people who search out NLP Training have their own story. We seek out coaching with a well-trained NLP Practitioner or take a NLP Practitioner Certification Program for ourselves to make the changes in our own lives. We may have similar stories or our story could be completely different. The details of the story is not the problem, only the negative beliefs holds us back from transforming our life into the life we want for ourselves. The question to ask yourself is: how much are you willing to invest in yourself to transform your life?


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Ronda Degaust

Ronda Degaust is a International NLP Trainer, Coach, Columnist and the author of How To Heal From Years of Criticism, Insults, Abuse & Rejection. She is the co-developer of the full NLP Practitioner Certification Online 120 hour program and the NLP Coaching Handbook. Her students and clients gain the benefits of NLP Training and Coaching from the comfort of their own home throughout the world via internet, skype and phone.

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