A Lesson From Neil Young And How Not To Run An NLP Business … Badly

NLP BusinessNeil Young never ran an NLP Business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn a lesson from him. The famous Canadian musician and songwriter was quoted as saying that the guitar is the easiest instrument to play … Badly.

If you’ve been around as many guitar players as I have, you know Neil is right. And I think the same thing is true about running an NLP business, it’s the easiest job to do … badly.

And the reason most people run their NLP business badly is because it looks easy, and so most people start a business thinking there’s not much to it.

According to the website Statistic Brain:
25% of businesses go out of business in the 1st year
36% go out of business in the 2nd year
44% go out of business by the 3rd year

Only 37% of Information businesses are still in business by the 4th year! And an NLP business is an Information business.

And I would hazard a guess that that’s only the ones who declare it. Most small ma and pa operations quietly disappear, just like their hard earned money did.

But even more interesting is the Number 1 reason listed as to why these businesses go out of business – 46% Fail Due To Incompetence!

I’ve seen a lot of NLP businesses go out of business, and even more never start, because people don’t have the basic knowledge about running a business – Remember, it’s the easiest thing to do … BADLY!

Here’s something I learned early in my NLP business, I’ll give you this as a gift. If you’re running an NLP business, or thinking about running an NLP business: You attract customers who are just like you.

OK … if you don’t get it yet just think about it … let it sink in because, this is a very important piece of information for you to discover, especially if you ever find yourself complaining about your clients. Or lack of.

A business run right is well worth the effort as there is no satisfaction as great as being your own boss. Calling the shots. Taking time off when you want to take time off, and not being limited by someone else as to how much money you can make.

Look for a future post where I’ll tell you how to be successful running your own business. Because the 46 % who are failures listened to the wrong people – guaranteed.

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Bob Clarke

Bob Clarke is an International NLP Trainer and Coach. He is the co-developer of the full NLP Practitioner Certification Online 120 hour program and the NLP Coaching Handbook. Bob's passion is helping people grow their businesses and as a bonus offers a free marketing course at Marketingmem.com Bob Clarke is a certified trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology (HNLP), Time-Based Techniques and a Certified Personal Coach, co-author, and co-developer of the Online NLP Training & Coaching Certification Program. Bob helps success driven people get beyond their conscious limitations.

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