Rapport – Building Trust In Relationships

As in all relationships, whether business or personal, building trust in relationships is must for success. Since building rapport is about building trust, what are the key elements for building rapport? Finding common interests are the key elements in building rapport. When people are like each other…they like each other. One of the ways to […]

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques

This reference page introduces several popular NLP techniques, linking to practical explanations and guidelines for each technique. > How to get rid of phobias and trauma using NLP NLP’s Visual-Kinaesthetic Dissociation Technique (also known as the Fast Phobia Cure and Rewind Technique) helps to eliminate the effects of traumatic memories. It can be deeply healing for […]

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Branching Out with NLP

With any kind of business and that includes NLP coaching, there has to be a focus toward growth and ongoing development.  What other markets would be appropriate?  Can expanding the demographics of a typical client reveal untapped opportunities?  Or, can shifting the focus in a slightly different direction create a potential new client resource.  Recently, […]

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NLP Practitioner Certification Online

NLP Practitioner Certification Online for people who would like to review but are just too busy! Most people find they have many questions after taking their NLP Practitioner Certification live and don’t feel comfortable with their knowledge. Many travel over and over again to review the program to increase their knowledge and ability; I know […]

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Creating The Life You Want!


Creating The Life You Want! The first step to creating the life you want is to determine it with no limitations. What would you do or have if there were no limitations on what you can achieve? Secondly, take the time to dream what it is you really want. You know what matters to you […]

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