Branching Out with NLP

With any kind of business and that includes NLP coaching, there has to be a focus toward growth and ongoing development.  What other markets would be appropriate?  Can expanding the demographics of a typical client reveal untapped opportunities?  Or, can shifting the focus in a slightly different direction create a potential new client resource.  Recently, I learned something about that last question from one of my clients.

Most life coaches, using that term in a general way, tend to focus on particular life challenges or areas for improvement.  Most business coaches, again generally speaking, look to particular industries or business types for a client base. What happens, however, when we take those two focal points and reverse them?  The life coach looks at business types and the business coach looks at people or life challenges?

One of my clients has two areas of specialization.  Her first is very definitely life coaching based in that she works with people who are transitioning in their careers.  Her second could be either life or business coaching as she specializes in helping women who want to own their own businesses.  During a recent session with this client, we shifted focus with both of her areas of specialization and made an incredible discovery.  The client discovered some large untapped markets by focusing on industries for career transition work and by focusing on particular women’s life area groups for her business development work.

As coaches, we can learn so much from the creativity of our clients and, many times, apply their ah-hah moments to ourselves, our businesses, and our

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Novice Coaches: Beware the Time and Energy Vampire

Time VampireSome months ago, while communicating with one of my former trainers who became a good friend, Ronda Degaust of Life Potential Developments, I learned a new term, “time vampires.” I have since taken that term and made it “time and energy vampires.”


Time and Energy Vampires, If Given The Chance, Will Literally Suck You Dry.

They start out using phrases like, “Gee – would you help me with something?” When I was a novice coach, I loved helping people. Heck, that’s the reason we become coaches – to help others. And I still love helping people. However, I don’t do it for free anymore. The time/energy vampire will always want it for free and favors are never reciprocal, as in, I help you and you help me. With vampires, it is a one way relationship. They take. We give. Until we say, “Stop. No more.”

If you think that someone is a time/energy vampire and you aren’t sure, ask for something in return and note the reaction. If the other person gives generously in return, then she or he is not a vampire. If you get excuses like, “I would but right now I’m just too busy with . . .” or “Oh, you know if I had unlimited funds I would gladly but . . .” then you are dealing with a time/energy vampire.

NLP Practitioner Certification Online

NLP Training OnlineNLP Practitioner Certification Online for people who would like to review but are just too busy!

Most people find they have many questions after taking their NLP Practitioner Certification live and don’t feel comfortable with their knowledge. Many travel over and over again to review the program to increase their knowledge and ability; I know I was one of those who spent a lot of time and money reviewing and assisting to obtain confidence and competence with my NLP skills and knowledge.

From Practitioner to Master Practitioner and then Trainer’s Training, I/we slowly incorporated NLP to a level where reviewing wasn’t necessary anymore….it was a learning journey for sure. My partner/husband and I trained NLP Practitioner Certifications and Master Practitioner Certifications live for a decade in a very remote part of Nova Scotia Canada.

We often got comments such as: I would love to come to your training but I cannot afford the travel expenses or I would come if I could get time off work. We were even asked if we could put our NLP Training Online and at the time technology just wasn’t available. In other words there was no such thing as streaming videos on the internet. Wow! technology sure has changed over the years.

3 main things that held people back from having

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Creating The Life You Want!


Creating The Life You Want!

The first step to creating the life you want is to determine it with no limitations. What would you do or have if there were no limitations on what you can achieve?

Secondly, take the time to dream what it is you really want. You know what matters to you more than anything else. Define your dream to be more specific with the life you want.

As you let your mind focus on the life you want, become fully associated to having it. As if you already have it. See what you would see, hear what you would hear and feel what you would feel. Then make a list or create a vision board of the life you want. In the center of the vision board or within the list, put yourself within the pictures or list. This step is important because your mind needs to know you haven’t achieved it yet. Seeing yourself (dissociated) having or doing what you want adds motivation to achieve it.

Last, it’s time to make it happen. Even if you are not able to create the life you want right now, you can

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