Professional Code of Ethics for NLP Global Standards Association Members

We ask all members to follow the Professional Code of Ethics below.

  • Do your best to model and integrate the presuppositions of NLP
  • Conduct business in the marketplace in a truthful, honest manner, always seeking a “win-win” for all parties
  • Advertise yourself in an honest, forthright manner and do not make claims about yourself which are not true
  • Only advertise yourself as a member of an organization or association if you belong to the organization or association and are a member in good standing
  • Protect the confidentiality of your clients unless it is legally imperative that you make disclosure or have been given written permission to do so. If you find yourself in a therapy situation in which you clearly do not have the skills appropriate for the situation, bring closure to the situation and make an appropriate referral
  • Only post to the “Member News” a maximum of once per week so as not to flood the membership with submissions, thereby allowing other members fair and equal exposure
  • Do my best to support other members of this association
  • Before you post any comments or connect with other members, follow these simple rules:  THINK

T – is it true?

H – is it helpful?

I – is it inspiring?

N – is it necessary?

K – is it kind?

Professional Code of Ethics

NOTE: By following the Professional Code of Ethics, we expect you to automatically use the NLP Presupposition: Respect each person’s model of the world. You do not have to agree with their model, but please respect it. 

Also, following the simple rules for THINK is required as a member of this association. Failure to follow the simple rules of this association will give the administrator reason to disable your account, and your membership will be cancelled.

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