NLPGS Membership: About The Association Requirements and Benefits

At the Global Standards NLP Association Membership, we are always looking for motivated NLPers. NLP Coaches, NLP Students, NLP Practitioners, NLP Master Practitioners, and NLP Trainers can all benefit from the association. 

And, you do not have to be a practicing NLP Practitioner to be a member of the association. But it would be best if you wanted to promote yourself or your business to get the most out of your membership.

Who Can Join the Global Standards NLP Association Membership?

We invite anyone trained by a certified NLP Trainer at any level of NLP to be part of NLP Global Standards.

Even NLP Practitioners in training and not yet graduated are welcome to join the NLP Global Standards Association.

Requirements for a Standard or Accredited Trainer Membership

The main requirement to join the NLP Global Standards Association membership is to be NLP Certified (Practitioner, Master Practitioner or Trainer).

However, suppose you are studying NLP, reading NLP books or already enrolled in an NLP Practitioner Certification Training and not yet certified. In that case, you are still welcome to join.

As a member, you can update your profile when you graduate as NLP Practitioner.

To qualify as an NLP Accredited Trainer, you must contact us directly to go through the approval process. Once approved, you will have the ability to use the NLP Global Standards Association Seal on your certificates.

All NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner, and NLP Trainer certifications must meet the NLP Global Standards to be approved to obtain the seals for the certificates.

All members must follow the Code of Ethics listed on this website to keep their membership in good standing.

Benefits of Joining the Global Standards NLP Association Membership:

There are many benefits to joining the Global Standards NLP Association Membership.

Our members are from all types of businesses. As a result, they have an opportunity to be supported and connect with like-minded people throughout the world while having their businesses promoted and raising their professional profile.

One of the side benefits is belonging to a group of people interested in personal development, like you, who want to continue growing personally and professionally.

How To Join:

1. Clicking this link – Join the NLP Global Standards Association Membership will take you to our Ultra Secure (3rd party) Shopping Cart. (Your private info will always be safe).

Our shopping cart will automatically give you access to the member’s area upon successful payment. Payment must be received before access is granted.

Upon completing the shopping cart transaction, you should check your email for Important Information from us.

This information will allow you to post your events on the Event calendar, post articles, or promote your products or services on the Member News.

2. Pay Standard Membership dues of $10 per month or $100 per year USD (We accept MasterCard – Visa, and PayPal)

(plus applicable tax for Canadians only)

If you have any questions about becoming a member, or applying for the NLP Accreditation Trainer membership, use the email address below or the Contact Us form: