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Hello! I am Katarina. My educational path included various fields such as tourism, pedagogy and all the way to economics, where I eventually became a doctor of science in the field of management. Different directions and several fields of occupation did not fully fulfill me, although they gave me a lot of tools and skills that I used. In 2016, I started working at the Brain O Brain children's academy, first as an educator and then as a PR, Sale & Event manager. With the Brain O Brain team, I developed an innovative brand of children's education in Serbia that became synonymous with quality and fantastic achievements of children in the field of intellectual and psychological development. Constant education led me to the title of trainer and coach in the field of NLP. Learning and practicing the acquired NLP skills, and constantly working with children and parents, I was awakened by the desire to design a program that will be equally comprehensive for both children and parents. Children go through various stages in the teenage turbulent period: fears, insecurity, withdrawal into themselves, eternally looking for the guilty in others, showing aggression due to repressed emotions, intolerance towards the environment, lack of motivation, lack of discipline. The beliefs and values ??that are formed during that period will mark the rest of their lives, and to my great sadness, what is marketed in the media and social networks (and at that age young people are especially susceptible to influence) offers in most cases the wrong values, pointing out that money, artificial beauty, "in" society in "in" location, often vulgar expression, way and style of life. As a conscious person, I have set myself the goal that as many young people and adults as possible go through NLP education, which leads first of all to a change in thinking, and with the support of emotions and behavior. My motto is: We can do a lot alone, together we can do everything! Visit me on YouTube - - Visit me on Instagram
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