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I have 5 years of experience applying NLP to a nature-based mentoring context where my focus is facilitating sensory transformation through the practice of wildlife tracking, nature observation and bird language. I’m currently in the process of launching a new resource publishing company to provide ongoing support for mentors and people who want to learn about the natural world with their inner and outer sensory modalities. A deep desire to reach my full potential in life and also inspire others on their own unique journey has led to many amazing adventures & experiences. I’m always looking for new travelers to share the road with.
NLP Global Standards Association Members Group.
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How To Be A Success With NLP What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘success’? Success is something that everyone wants, yet means something different to each person. So how can you attain it? Is there some underlying secret that ensures growth in every area of life? I believe there is. On my […]

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I have spaces open for people with interest to join a one-on-one distance mentoring program that will support your personal evolution with monthly mentoring conversations. Click here to learn more. The Opportunity: Do you want to reach your full potential in life? Since you’re on this website I’m going to assume that you do… and […]

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