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Benefits of Associations

How Do I Know The Association Will Benefit Me?

There are many associations out there claiming to benefit you as a coach, training, NLP Practitioner etc. It is important to check out the site first to see if it will be a benefit to you.

First of all, is there a section on the website listing the members and can these members link their website so you can contact them? Not being able to add your profile to the association’s website doesn’t give you much of a benefit, does it.  Do you have an opportunity to promote your services on the website? This is the key thing to keep in mind when joining associations.

Beware Of The Money Grab

If you notice the only advertising on the website is linking back to one company, there is a very good chance the association is setup by that individual’s company and is not benefiting their members. Associations should give each member an equal opportunity to be promoted.

NLP Global Standards Association

This association is setup to promote their members. There is no where on the site promoting who manages the site over the members. Each member has an equal opportunity to link their website in their profile, if they choose, and post in the member’s news or list their events on the Event Calendar. Your profile gets listed and search according to your name, country or level of training and you can update your profile if your information changes at anytime.

Benefits Of Associations

IACTM1-150x150As a trainer of NLP, I too want to get as much exposure and credibility for my skills and ability, so I searched out other associations to  benefit me as a trainer and coach. The International Association of Coaches, Therapists and Mentors (IACTM) promotes the Coaching, Therapy and Mentoring occupations as well as accredit ethical and authentic professionals in these fields.

They endorse, support and showcase their professional members as well as provide relevant personal and professional development videos, audio programs, articles, e-books and other resources to all members.  They also give their members an opportunity to share Coaching, Therapy and Mentoring related skills, methodologies, specialties, processes, techniques and inspiration in the Members Resources section. The IACTM Resource Membership is Free, so it gives global exposure to the members services by members adding to the resources for the visitors to the site.

Besides your profile, as a member you can also advertise your serves with a banner on their site.

So before signing up to associations, check out whether it will benefit you and not just a money grab!