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Ronda Degaust is a International NLP Trainer, Coach, Columnist and the author of How To Heal From Years of Criticism, Insults, Abuse & Rejection. She is the co-developer of the full NLP Practitioner Certification Online 120 hour program and the NLP Coaching Handbook. Her students and clients gain the benefits of NLP Training and Coaching from the comfort of their own home throughout the world via internet, zoom, skype and phone.
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Accredited Trainers are entitled to use the NLPGSA seal on the approved program certificates.
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How Do I Know The Association Will Benefit Me? There are many associations out there claiming to benefit you as a coach, training, NLP Practitioner etc. It is important to check out the site first to see if it will be a benefit to you. First of all, is there a section on the website […]

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NLP Submodalities Made Simple Submodalities in NLP can have a big impact on how you react to the world around you. “If you are feeling blue – try painting yourself a different color” …NLP Submodalities Made Simple for sure. It really can be that simple when you learn to pay attention to your submodalities (how […]

Your Map Of The World = Your Reality
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Your Map Of The World = Your Reality Albert Einstein tells you how to get what you want in life by simple physics. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. Is it really that simple? Well yes it is that simple, however, getting your frequency to […]

Get NLP Certification Online
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Get NLP Certification Online and now you can access your NLP Training Online and use iPads, iPhone, Tablets and All Mobile Devices Since we first developed our NLP Certification Online back in 2009 technology has changed, as it always does, to using more advanced methods. And, using a PC or Mac, although still used regularly, […]

NLP Practitioner Certification Online
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Title: NLP Practitioner Certification Online and Coaching Program Location: Online Link out: Click here Description: Get NLP Training Online Save Time…Save Travel…Save Money Flexibility At Your Own Pace – 10 Modules with an easy to follow step-by-step format of all the NLP Practitioner techniques and processes – 130 Videos in this 120 hour program (approximately […]

Change Begins Choices
9 years ago 4 Comments

From Nobody to Somebody There are many people in the world who have transformed their lives by taking a NLP Practitioner Certification Program or by having coaching with a well-trained NLP Practitioner.¬† Anthony (Tony) Robbins was born Anthony J. Mahavorick lived in a small low-rent apartment in the Los Angeles area during his early twenties […]

Rapport – Building Trust In Relationships
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As in all relationships, whether business or personal, building trust in relationships is must for success. Since building rapport is about building trust, what are the key elements for building rapport? Finding common interests are the key elements in building rapport. When people are like each other…they like each other. One of the ways to […]

NLP Global Standards Association – How To Maximize Your Membership
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NLP Global Standards Association   3 Easy Steps of How To Maximize Your Membership¬† 1. Post to Member News 2. Post to the Forum 3. Add an event to the Event Calendar Watch the video below for the 3 Easy Step – If you want to change the screen to full screen mode, click on […]

NLP Practitioner Certification Online
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NLP Practitioner Certification Online for people who would like to review but are just too busy! Most people find they have many questions after taking their NLP Practitioner Certification live and don’t feel comfortable with their knowledge. Many travel over and over again to review the program to increase their knowledge and ability; I know […]

9 years ago 1 Comment

Creating The Life You Want! The first step to creating the life you want is to determine it with no limitations. What would you do or have if there were no limitations on what you can achieve? Secondly, take the time to dream what it is you really want. You know what matters to you […]

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