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How To Write A Blog Post The Easy Way

Many excellent blog posts lay unwritten in the minds of would-be writers.


Because they talk themselves out of starting to write by constantly critiquing what they want to write.

As you know, there are NLP Techniques to overcome this problem. But this article is about the mechanics of “How to write a blog post the easy way,” not nlp techniques.

Knowing What To Do First – And Why

The first thing you absolutely must do is map out the structure of your blog post.

Once you map out your blog post structure, it will become easier to fill in the pieces required to complete the post.

Creating the post structure has two pluses; it makes it easier for you to write, making it easier for the reader to follow and understand.

And if you think of the structure as having two main parts, they would be; 1) The questions you must answer and 2) The actions you must tell the reader to take.

Questions You Need To Ask Yourself

There are three questions you need to ask before you start writing any post, and they are:

  1. Who am I writing this blog post for? 
  2. What will the reader get from reading this blog post? 
  3. How will I get them to take action?

By asking yourself these simple questions, your brain will automatically start to formulate answers. The questions, and their subsequent answers, will give you a direction to travel and a goal to achieve.

These questions will also keep you on track and make your finished blog post more interesting to read.

When Writing For Online Exposure

When writing for online exposure, which is what we are discussing here, you need to ask this question:

4. What keyword or keywords will I use to attract the right person to my blog post?

You should always have at least one keyword that will attract the right reader to your blog post. There are free and paid services that tell you which keywords people are searching for.

You can quickly increase your readership by using the right keywords. You can increase your income by using the right keywords for the right person.

What resources, products, or posts can you link to? And should you?

It will depend on your outcome for the blog post regarding what you may want to link to.

What is the blog post’s primary purpose, to sell a product or add authority and proof?

And don’t be afraid to make links to other good and relevant articles, as they only add to your reader having a good experience.

Writing Your Blog Post – Step By Step

The Secret To Writing A Great Headline

The headline is the most critical part of your post. 


Because if you don’t have a good headline to grab attention, there’s a good chance you won’t have many, if any, readers.

Also, make sure your headline has a benefit within it.

Here is one of my favorite benefit headline examples using several presuppositions.


Never Have A Sub-Headline Without These 2 Things!

Sub-headlines break up long, tedious blocks of text that would otherwise chase readers away. 

Your post will benefit more if you put your keyword into at least one sub-headline.

Sub-headlines should tease the reader into wanting to know what’s in the paragraph below. So always take the time to create a sub-headline with a teaser.

The Summary – What It’s All About

Your title got their attention, now get them into your blog post the easy way. 


Well, that’s the point of the summary.

The job of your summary is to summarize what your blog post is about. And a good summary will convince the right reader to read more. It’s also a great place to insert keywords.

What You Really Came Here For – The Content

Many writers start by just sitting down and trying to think of something to write. If that works for you, great, but writing a blog post without much thought to the structure is a bad idea. 

And it’s hard. Really hard. Most writers will fail miserably at writing simply because of this. So why do it?

It would be best if you started as I have laid out above so that when you start writing your content, you will have an easier time of it. 

You may be surprised at how easy it becomes once you use the structure that I’ve given to you.

And here’s another tip, keep your paragraphs short. Short is five sentences or less. Big blocks of text will chase readers away.

The Zen Of Writing Blog Post

“Write Your Blog Post, Then Walk Away.”

When you finish writing your blog post, put it down, then go away.

Seriously. After you write your blog post, just put it down and do something else for a couple of hours or overnight.

Give your conscious mind a break.

When you give yourself some space for a while, it gives you fresh eyes to see with and a clear mind to think. 

Also, your subconscious mind will chip in here and give you some help.

After you have had some time away from your new creation, then go back and read it out loud. Doing so, you will be better able to know how it sounds to your reader.

And, if you can, ask someone else to read it and give you honest feedback.

The End

So, now that you know “How To Write A Blog Post The Easy Way,” what are you waiting for? Get your pen and paper, or hop on your trusty computer and start writing.

Oh, excuse me, we are in the 21st century, aren’t we? Yes, well, grab your handy dandy mobile device with the dictation app and go to it.

Whatever way you prefer to write your blog post, you will now be more successful.