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NLP Practitioner Certification Online

Title: NLP Practitioner Certification Online and Coaching Program
Location: Online
Link out: Click here
Description: Get NLP Training Online
Save Time…Save Travel…Save Money

Flexibility At Your Own Pace
– 10 Modules with an easy to follow step-by-step format of all the NLP Practitioner techniques and processes
– 130 Videos in this 120 hour program (approximately 12 hours per module)
– 85 Presentations teaching you rock solid information to apply NLP in your life or business Immediately
– 45 Live Demonstrations of the processes in action (using REAL problems)

Plus FREE: Maximize Your Life Potential Program – You Can Create Your Life The Way You Want It, Get What Ever It Is you Want – And Create Caring, Loving Relationships That Will Last And Make You Feel Good. The same info as in our two day workshop, now for you to watch at home – included in Module 8 (Valued $250.00)

Plus FREE: Destress for Life Video/ Program – Reduce Stress, Reverse Burnout,and Find New Energy… Simple process lets you enjoy life to the fullest – starting in just minutes!- included in Module 3 (Valued $27.00)

Plus FREE: Stop Procrastinating Video Program – Overcome Overwhelm And
Get Organized Once And For All!- included in Module 5 (Valued $47.00)

and much more….Anywhere…Anytime at http://LifePotentialDevelopments.com
Date: 2013-02-02