NLP Submodalities Made Simple

NLP Submodalities


NLP Submodalities Made Simple

Submodalities in NLP can have a big impact on how you react to the world around you. “If you are feeling blue – try painting yourself a different color” …NLP Submodalities Made Simple for sure. It really can be that simple when you learn to pay attention to your submodalities (how you code your reality) and change what isn’t working for you.

Feeling Blue – Try Painting Yourself A Different Color

First it is important to know what are Modalities in order to under how to change submodalities. Modalities are Visual (pictures or images), Auditory (words, sounds) Kinesthetic (feelings -internal emotions or external touch etc) smell and taste.

Submodalities are the finer distinctions of each modality.

Let’s take Visual for example. Visual submodalites would be whether the image in your mind is near or far, in color or black and white, in focus or out of focus etc.

Auditory submodalities could be the quality of the sounds or voice you hear. It also could be near or far, loud or soft, high pitch or deep base, fast or slow etc.

The same goes for Kinesthetic, feelings could be location in the body. You may have said to yourself things like

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