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Win-Win Influence with NLP

Ronda Degaust (LifePotentialDevelopments.com – NLP trainer, coach, and author) and NLP trainer Roger Ellerton (renewal.ca) discuss Roger’s most recent book “Win-Win Influence: How to Enhance Your Personal and Business Relationships (with NLP)”. This recording is the first in a series of six discussions by Ronda and Roger on Win-Win Influence.

You can get anything in the world that you want, if you help somebody else get something they want. —Zig Zigler

Whether you are a parent, son/daughter, friend, employee, manager or salesperson, you are constantly influencing others to accept you, your ideas, products or services. Those who masterfully present themselves and their ideas in a win-win manner, get ahead. Those who do not, may reap short-term gains and eventually fail in their objective.