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Belief Change: Your Map Of The World Is Your Reality

Belief Change Albert Einstein image

Albert Einstein tells you how to get what you want through simple physics. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality.

Belief change, is it really that simple?

Can a belief change be that simple? Yes, it is that simple; however, getting your frequency to match what you want is also connected to your belief system. You may want something, but your frequency does not match what you want if you don’t believe you deserve it.

Change Your Belief…Change Your Reality

You might have heard the saying, “If you believe it, you will see it.” But, having to see it first does not match the frequency of having it.

In NLP, there are many ways to change beliefs. 

First is the simple NLP Belief Change Technique using sub-modality shifts. This changes your internal coding system from not believing to matching what you want to believe. 

But, sometimes, it takes more than this process to change a belief that is not supporting what you want to achieve in your life. 

Some beliefs are so unconscious that you cannot find the images, or the coding system, associated with this belief. In that case, the simple NLP Belief Change technique won’t work.

When it comes to money or wealth, many people fall into this category.

Whether it’s achieving wealth, health or wonderful relationships, it’s always an underlying negative belief stopping you from having what you want. 

I use the NLP Values Elicitation Breakthrough process we teach during our NLP Master Practitioner Certification and Coaching Program to uncover unconscious beliefs. 

This process has a unique way of uncovering the hidden unconscious belief or block holding you back from achieving what you want to achieve. 

I thoroughly enjoy helping others achieve what they want in life. I love the expression on my client’s/student’s faces when they have that ‘ah ha’ moment. When they suddenly realize what was holding them back all these years. 

And the best part is when they write me later (like Pat did below) and tell me of all the wonderful things happening to them.

Testimonial from the NLP Values Elicitation Breakthrough process:

“Until I had coaching with Ronda, I didn’t realize that I had gone overboard in my thinking with regard to controlling money – to the point that, without realizing it, I was living in a state of fear – afraid I was going to be broke any moment and had to horde every dollar to prevent that from happening. This affected my ability to invest in myself wisely and in my business. As I tell clients, “you have to spend money to make money,” and this is absolutely true. Except I wasn’t paying attention to my own good business sense because I was afraid to. Ronda helped me put those fears to rest and to find a point of balance where I am balanced between knowing when to invest and knowing when not to – and no longer afraid.”

– Pat Mazor, Business Small Business Coach & Consultant