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Forget the Golden Rule

“Canadian Mortgage Professional” magazine recently published my article “Forget the Golden Rule” It’s applicable to any influence situation (family, staff, sales). The publishers created the title “Forget the Golden Rule”. My original title was “The View from the Other Side of the Desk”. Thus, it’s about satisfying the other person’s needs, not yours, according to their buying strategy. Although not mentioned, NLP is a critical part of this article. The follow-up article (to be published soon) is based on other NLP concepts. Appreciate hearing your thoughts. (http://www.renewal.ca/CMP_42-45%20Feature_Golden%20Rule.pdf).


1 thought on “Forget the Golden Rule”

  1. Great article Roger. If those in business, or in life, follow the simple formula you mention in your article, I’m sure their relationships would improve for the better in no time. Looking forward to reading your follow-up article based on other NLP Concepts.

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